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I felt like they tried too hard this year to make it interesting. I did appreciate them telling me how long it would be between performances. I don’t really want to hang around for the majority of the awards, they are predictable at best, boring at worse.  But there weren’t as many epic fails as I expected.

Lady Gaga and Elton John, not surprisingly a good combo, he was the Lady Gaga of his time in a sense, just with more talent and less balls.

I see Kanye’s invitation was lost in the mail. He should be in a dirt bar somewhere, drinking a lot and complaining how he should’ve when Best New Polka Artist award or something. Can’t be messing with the Henney like that Kanye. It makes you forget that millions are watching, and that you lean toward an ass tendency naturally.

Taylor Swift, she’s the little darling of the Grammys, isn’t she? Wins the bestalbum over all those superstars. What you can do after being 18? /19? and performing with her idol. I hope her next stop isn’t rehab. But maybe those country girls have more sense. We’ll see.

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. Why? I mean, mash-ups are pretty cool if done by someone who knows what they’re doing like Girl Talk or Danger Mouse. That was just a hot mess with bodyguards. You need to find someone on your time to be honest with you. No Beyonce, don’t do your Alanis Morisette impersonation  in the middle of your song, singing the wrong lyrics. Don’t do it.

Green Day’s street cred was already nonexistent, so their performance didn’t hurt anything. I find it interesting that no one I know has listened to them since Dookie, yet they win awards hand-over-fist.

Bon Jovi, I would’ve preferred a different song, but I guess that’s how America rolls. You sound just like ’94, even when you’re playing something new.

Dave Matthews always makes me smile, especially when he gets his funky grove on, and his crazy legs get to going. Fantastic.

Every time I’ve watched Pink in the past year, she’s been doing the circus/acrobat thing. I’m over it. And where did that water come from? Did the girls in purple pee on her?

Who was that chick in gold singing with Jeff Beck? Her hair was excellent. And that gold dress, I guess if you have to wear something skin-tight and gold, just keep the front view going.

Quentin Tarantino…what happens? I feel like you just put on some black face for the people. Remember that comedy sketch Dave Chappell did, When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong? Yeah, you need to watch that Mr. Tarantino. Watch and learn.

Kings of Leon kept it real, but in a good way. Hey, I’ve been drinking. Thank you. If I forgot your name, I’ll buy you a shot. That’s really real.

Drake you a bad mutha. Picture you rollin on Degrassi the Next Generation, shooting baskets from your wheelchair, teaching Spinner life lessons. Hoping you can get it up even with your spinal injury. Now you’re a big star, winning Grammys without contracts. Having big ballers like Lil’ Wayne and Eminem on your track. Do that kid. Do that.

So in essence, Grammys were alright. I’m just disappointed in mainstream music in general. The amount of creativity there seems to dwindle each year, and that was happening before people got pissed off and learned about Napster. If you make better music, people will buy it and support it.