West Virginia Public BroadcastingWest Virginia Public Broadcasting Win tickets to an encore showing of the opera Carmen in movie theaters this Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Email feedback@wvpubcast.org with “Carmen” in the subject line — (two tickets for Morgantown and one for Barboursville to give away.)

I’m just geeky enough to have them on my fb. Of course I had to enter, because

  • today I decided I was going to have a good week.
  • free stuff makes everything better
  • I like Carmen.

I won! On the other hand, this is happening on Wednesday and they’re mailing it to me…I hope this doesn’t turn into an epic fail. Then there’s this thought expressed by a well-meaning friend, whose day job is Ms. Optimism, “What if it’s express mailed and you’re not at home?” Huh-uh. That is a 2009 attitude. For the 20-10, u kant tel me nuttin.  For the slightly used year, you have no authority to verbalize these contrivances to my visage.

This says it all.

happy kitty