Colorado Medical Marijuana Grow Operations Under Fire After Children Injured

An eleven year-old boy in Thornton accidentally shot himself in the foot with a 22-caliber handgun. The North Metro Task Force, a Denver-area drug task force, believes that the boy was left alone at the house with a loaded gun to protect the family’s grow operation. The boy’s father will likely be arrested.

In one case, authorities believe a 10-month-old boy in Commerce City overdosed on THC after he grabbed and ate a handful of marijuana edibles from a bin in his parents’ shed. The boy is expected to fully recover. [Fox 31]

A couple questions come to mind when I read this. First, what exactly does it mean to overdose on THC? I did a cursory search on the interwebs, looking through peer-reviewed articles and web sites. When I did find any responses that said it was possible to OD on THC, there wasn’t any information to back the claim up. So, I’m not saying that it’s impossible, just that it doesn’t seem that likely.

Secondly, if these families were actually selling medicinal marijuana, why wouldn’t they have their paperwork in order? This sounds to me like the families were just selling the drugs, and trying to play it off like they were state-sanctioned. In which case, these two cases are giving a bloody eye to a cause that they’re not involved in. Unfair, it sounds to me.

Oh, and what kind of asinine individual leaves their child with a loaded weapon to guard anything: I don’t care if it’s the property, the drugs or even to guard himself while you’re gone. That doesn’t make sense to me. The man sounds criminally stupid, and with that type of stupid going on, I can’t imagine with or without marijuana in the picture that this man would make wise choices.

Oh and one other thing that was quoted in the article, information about them using pesticides and how unsafe it is. What? Really. Let’s make a comparison between the pesticides used on the marijuana and the ones used on the majority of food that people buy. I’m going to venture to say that the differences are negligible.

Here’s a quote from another story that I was reading on the subject:

Drug counselors said they thought for-profit stores were making it easier for teens to get marijuana.

Chris Thurstone, a psychiatrist who treats teens addicted to drugs at Denver Health Medical Center, said most of his patients say they can easily get marijuana through friends or relatives who are registered medical marijuana users.


Umm…it’s easy for teens to get weed. Period. This news segment is about the regulation of pot dispensaries in Colorado. Such not being allowed to have it within 1000 feet of a school, which would prevent those who live near schools from using their ‘script. And not being able to use it in dispensaries.

This issue is such a touchy one, since there hasn’t been a federal mandate to legalize medicinal marijuana…even if the dispensary is doing things by the book, they can still be completely shut down. So, if that’s the case, then how is it legally different than being a drug dealer, if you can still face the same consequences? Or are there different consequences? Educate me reader.