And I wasn’t there.  I can safely say that was the first time in my life that I organized an event, and couldn’t attend it. And I’ve been organizing things for a long time. Even “play dates” back in the day, but back then it wasn’t play dates. It was just “go outside and play.”

Tha.Speakeasy is a spoken word event that I started with a friend back in late 2005. The whole idea is a sort of marriage of the arts: spoken word, visual arts & music. At Octane, he already has a bunch of artwork up, so really I just need to find poets and musicians. It’s a really laid-back fun atmosphere. Good times for all.

I just wanted to say I appreciate everyone who was there. I wish I could’ve been there, but on Thursday talking still hurt too much and I’m pretty sure I was contagious. I’ve been taking the antibiotics for a few days now, so my strep should be self-contained. And I think I sound more like a woman again, instead of a chain-smoking angry man.

The next one is coming up pretty soon, March 11th. The other date proposed, March 25th, I’ll be out-of-state that week. The week following is Spring Break, and the 18th is when Morgantown Poets has our poetry reading at the MAC.  So please, by all means, if you can make it on the 11th, come bring some poems and a friend. And hey, if you were there this month and have something to add, please post a comment. Oh, and did I tell you I made a Facebook fan page for Tha.Speakeasy?  Become a fan. I’ll keep you updated on the next event & what musicians will be playing. 🙂

Since I wasn’t able to be there this month, I’m posting some excerpts from what my friends Kathryn and Ted sent to me afterward.

Ted opened and read maybe 10 poems as there were not too many lined up after him. The bartender read one….her very first….and a good one at that. Bob (owner) read one that was inspired by a movie. Ezra guessed the movie and got a free drink. Eric read some of own and some by a favorite author. I ended with the one that is in my FB status now. Great night it was.
Take care,

Hope you’re not in too much pain and hope you’ll be feeling better very soon. Kathryn and (her husband) were playing very smooth jazz. It was really good for Tha.Speakeasy atmosphere. Everything went all right. They played a while. Then I got up and did several poems (I also mentioned how awesome you are for organizing it, everyone clapped and toasted you), then one of the bartender girls got up and did a poem, she had the line/theme of “beautiful disaster,” which had a lot of truth to it, another poet, Eric Cummings, I ran into at the Blue Moose on my way there showed up and did several pieces, and Kathryn closed it out with a really interesting piece that mentioned “Facebook status update” and had a theme of love, a very creative, deep, insightful and cutting-edge piece from Kathryn. I guess it was all over about 8 p.m. or so. I saw Thomas there, but didn’t get to talk with him. Figure he was there for the comedy. He didn’t do any poetry. OK, I’d better sign off. It’s 3:30 a.m. Again, hope you can feel better soon.


Again, thanks for everyone who attended, and for those who didn’t, March 11th is right around the corner. You should come.

Take it easy