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Long-term use of marijuana can lead to increased risk of developing hallucinations, delusions and psychosis, a new study shows.

Australian researchers asked nearly 3,100 young adults averaging about 20 years of age about marijuana use.  Among the participants, 65 had been diagnosed with a “non-affective psychosis” such as schizophrenia, and 233 had at least one positive item for hallucination on a diagnostic interview conducted for the study. The researchers found there was an association between length of marijuana use and mental health.

“Compared with those who had never used cannabis, young adults who had six or more years since first use of cannabis [i.e., who commenced use when around 15 years or younger] were twice as likely to develop a non-affective psychosis and were four times as likely to have high scores on the Peters et al Delusions Inventory [a measure of delusion],” wrote Dr. John McGrath, of the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, Park Centre for Mental Health in Wacol, and colleagues. “There was a ‘dose-response’ relationship between the variables of interest: the longer the duration since the first cannabis use, the higher the risk of psychosis-related outcomes.”

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I think there’s a few dangers here. Saying marijuana is directly the cause of the mental illness seems faulty. It could be a case of the kids self-medicating, because they realized there was an issue there before adults did. Also where is the mention of amounts in this article? Are you telling me that a kid who smoked a bowl at 14 and a kid who smoked ounces from 14 until yesterday have the same risk of damage to the brain? A kid who smoked a joint at 13 is likely to develop schizophrenia? In the world of mental health, where all things considered, the science is fluid at best, it seems to me using one solitary study as an indicator of Truth seems faulty at best.

Btw, just to be clear, I am not endorsing that teenagers should all start ripping bong hits and smoking big doobies.